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garage door opener repair chatsworth ca These days, garage doors feature electronic openers that let you enter your garage at the touch of a button. But this wasn’t always the case. From the time the first overhead garage door and electronic door openers were created in the early part of the 20 th century, right up until openers invaded the average home in the middle of the same century, people had to get out of their cars—regardless of the weather—and open the garage door. But sometimes things break and you need to look for garage door opener repair chatsworth and replacement services. Chatsworth AAA Garage Door Repair services will come out the same day and do a repair or replacement immediately. 60 Minutes to Your Door – Same Day Service, Dial us today!

Thankfully today’s garage door openers mean you don’t need to deal with heavy, awkward doors. The door’s security systems are also tuned to the houses so nobody else can enter without your permission. Openers are small units that boast safety features to prevent harming something that gets caught under the door. New Garage Doors

Modern garage door openers are fantastic – until they stop working. When something breaks, don’t resign yourself to expensive repairs and unreliable service providers.

How the Door Opener Works

As sturdy as they may be, openers weren’t designed to last a lifetime. In the U.S., a typical garage door opens and closes about 1,500 times a year. Most openers are said to operate 10,000 times before they experience mechanical failure.

When you push a button on your remote unit that corresponds to the opener, a radio code transmits, activating the opener’s motor. The motor is usually a small horsepower unit that drives the system. The torsion spring tension will pull the door up the tracks or control the descent. When an internal part malfunctions, call on professional garage door opener repair and replacement services.

Garage door drive systems tend to vary a little. The torsion spring helps lift the door but the drive system offers extra guidance and power. There are three kinds of drive systems: screw, belt, and chain—the latter is the oldest system. Metal chains control the movement of the garage door which is in turn guided by overhead tracks. These were considered the noisiest system and have largely been replaced with belt drives. The belt drives make use of rubber belts to lower and lift the door. Screw drives employ a long steel rod that pushes or pulls the door the way it turns.

Some of the most common garage door issues that home owners encounter concern squeaking noises, remote issues, and irregular door openings. None of these issues require entering the mechanical unit.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement Services

Garage doors are heavy, dangerous pieces. If you think your opener needs repairing or replacing, it’s best to get in the professionals.

Our Chatsworth AAA Garage Door Repair company offers 24/7 emergency services and same-day call outs so you don’t have to worry about the danger or nuisance of a non-working garage door. We won’t charge for night time or weekend call outs.

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